Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Folding Fabric


        That lovely lady sitting in the center of the room is me in "Studio A" of my studio set.  I say set as I have a main room and two small bedrooms.  I moved up to the first floor because I struggle with stairs.  The main room, which I just call the studio once was our living room.  Long story short, we never really used that room.  "Studio A" is what I call part two of my studio.  I finally got almost all the white / clear drawers to line the perimeter.  The drawers hold tons of things, bits and bobs, hair for dolls and polymer clay, and assorted glue products, to name a few.   "Studio B" is the bedroom next door and the walls and closet are full and a little bit over flowing.  I've got loads of yarn, possibly for doll hair.  I hope so, I don't knit or crochet.  I have bins full of chenille stems, pompoms, fabric yoyo's, porcelain doll busts with matching hands, and many projects to make more things to sell at the craft shows I used to travel.

        And then there's fabric.  F-A-B-R-I-C.  If you've ever been to a sewing store and needed to get a pattern out of the gigantic metal cabinets then you can picture two full sized pattern cabinets in my studio and picture them both completely full of fabric.  Plus a row full of floor to ceiling fabric drawers.

       So I've decided to share the wealth.  I am folding every piece of fabric I own.  If it's more than a half a yard I cut it into pieces.  As I fold each piece of fabric I decide if it brings me joy.  If yes, I place it in a white plastic drawer, sorted by color, of course.  If how ever that piece of fabric does not tickle my happy bone it gets put into a box.  The goal is to pack boxes full of fabrics and trims, and other fun things like butterflies (they make great faerie wings!).  The boxes will then be shipped to friends far away and hopefully my doll club would like to receive my treasure boxes.  Then the rest will go to Good Will.  

               My goal is to get rid of one pattern cabinet and at least one set of floor to ceiling white / clear drawers, which don't fit into studio A.  You may be able to see it behind me at the right in the pic above.  I'm stuck right now.  I'm folding blue fabric.  Blue is my favorite color.  When I shop, my package always seems to have more blue fabric in it than I remember purchasing.  So most blue fabric gives my joy.  I may have to go through the blue fabric twice!  LOL!!!  I tried to tell myself that after a laundry basket full of blue fabric already folded... well, sort of... that I had folded half of the blue fabric.  Then I found another floor to ceiling stack of drawers full of blue.  Sigh.  

        Let me know if you want a box.  I will assort pieces / colors, add ribbons and trims, bits and bobs and surprises.  The cost to you is the shipping.  It's a free gift, given with love by someone who wants to make the studio functional and far less crowded.


  1. I just went through the same process. I moved from a house we had lived for over 40 years to an apartment to be closer to my grandkids. It was huge job but it had to be done. I still have a lot of stuff but it's a manageable amount :)