Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Twilight Sculpt -Work in Progress

This past weekend I spent at the lovely home of Annie Hesse taking a class with Tasmainian artist Susie McMahon, who was wonderful. I've not done much sculpting in the past and never attempted a realistic figure in paper clay. It was soooo much easier on my hands than needle sculpting fabric. Below are photos of the actor Edward Pattinson who played Edward in the movie Twilight. I wanted to recereate his chiseled jaw line but seem to have done a decent job at capturing more than that. Not bad for my first attempt! I need to work on my painting skills, since I've not done much painting but I think I may have found a new love, and I don't just mean Edward! I'm looking forward to adding that wild hair and the manly eyebrows to complete his face to see just how similar they are.

So did I come home and start the body for this Edward doll? No! I started collecting photos for a new sculpt... Robert Downey Jr. will be my next sculpt attempt. There is a ton of character in his face and it changes drastically when he smiles so I expect it to be a much larger challenge... but where is the fun if there is no challenge?