Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Phish Stix!
   My newset class is on techniques to embellish paper and phabric.  Instead of a boring old block of scrap I decided we should make a collection of Phish as we go. When they have a dowel rod added they become Phish Stix! Phunny that! Or you can make them into a sample book, after mounting them, of course.  or you could hang them in your studio as a reminder of how much phun new tecniques (and a few old ones!) can be in a workshop. Why Phish you may ask?  Why not?

   Students will focus on color, texture, fabric manipulation, techniques, add embellishments, eat chocolate and make Phish.  Students may choose to make their Phish flat and decorate a wall or fill a book, or choose to stuff them and stand them in a vase, or on their own, or make a pillow, create a mobile or just go for some good ole traditional Phish slapping.  But why Phish, you ask?  Why not? 

Techniques taught in this workshop include:

  • Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Adding texture to paper
  • Layering paper and fabric
  • Adding embellishments with a sense of connection
  • Machine FME
  • Hand FME
  • Distressing and fusing

    Phish Stix the class opens January 10 at Doll Street and students can join any time in the phollowing 2 months. I hope you'll join me for phishing with Phish Stix!