Saturday, May 11, 2019

Still Unboxing!

       I have been working on the studio bit by bit and most recently books.  My bookcases are like 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide.  They hold a lot of books!  That's great because I HAVE a lot of books! I got distracted and think I'll be reading Reclaimed Textiles this afternoon since I am done unpacking books today.

       So far,today I have opened 5 wine boxes. Each box was designed for 12 wine bottles and I packed the books in them to make them lighter to lift than the bigger boxes I used for everything else. Anywhoo, my wonderful son Shawn moved these 5 boxes out for me and between all 5 I managed to fill only a shelf and a half.  I thought it would make a bigger dent that that, but no.  So I went to the studio, moved a few things around and exposed more boxes of books for Shawn to carry in to the studio tomorrow.  Then I'll have to move more stuff for him to get to more books. The hard part was I wanted to sit and read a couple.  I am guilty of buying a book and not actually reading it.  (Shame on me!) I tend to flip through and look at the pics, read a couple lines of info and then saving the book for later, put it on my work table, or desk.  Then eventually, I'll clean up the studio- well at least the work table and put the books away that are there.   

So far I have only found 1 duplicate book! The one above.

       It will be easier to prevent duplicates from happening since the book shelves and my desk where I order from Amazon are on the same floor.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Boxes, boxes, boxes!

         I've been working on organizing the new studio and starting to empty Shawn's tiny old bedroom that has been a storage room for everything we needed out of the way for the craft show.  Here is a view of the wall packed to the ceiling.  I couldn't get the whole wall because it was too small a room. 

The second pic here is the rest of the wall, across from the doorway.  You can see the closet and a black shelving unit to the right that just fits the wall. 
        Did I mention it was a small room?  It didn't seem this small when it was a bedroom! 
          My dear friend Amy has been helping me unpack boxes by doing the lifting. She's awesome!  Amy establish a small path down the center of the room.  It makes it feel like there is hope to finish so I can start creating again.
       Oh- under all these boxes are boxes with books.  I have 2 large book cases that currently have things on them that need to go to their rightful homes, but the homes are blocked with boxes. What a surprise! 

Thursday, January 31, 2019


   Down with the flu- the best thing to do is watch art videos on You Tube.  Currently I have watched hours and hours of Maremi Small Art.  She does a lot of mixed media journal pages.  She has an Etsy site, an Instagram account and 2 Facebook accounts, the second called Maremi's Creative CafĂ© where viewers like me can post finished works as well as works in progress.  Then she turned me on to Lindsay who has The Frugal Crafter Blog.  I just watched a long video where Lindsay did a beautiful water color gal and complemented her work with colored pencils.  If you don't want to watch a long video she taught me about the small gear icon below the video.  It will speed up the show but I hung out for the whole thing as I've never been keen with a brush.  I guess I need to try again.  She also turned me on to "pencil extenders."  It's a little tube you slide your short pencil into that locks the pencil in place and you can use it until it is a tiny stub.  I found them at Dick Blick for close to $5.  I have a few colors I depend on and get tired of buying new ones.  I think I need a couple of these!

       Anywhoo, if you are down with the flu OR stuck in the house due to below zero temperatures check out these sites.  I think you'll have a good time and probably try out some new techniques!

       My thinking cap just turned on as no caffeine yet, but I think I actually own a pencil extender.  I wondered what the heck it was and hope I didn't pitch it!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Looking for a unique way to celebrate Valentine's Day without spending a ton of money?  Try my "Fiber Delight!  Valentine Postcards" workshop on Doll Street.  Getting a  card in the mail these days is something special, especially when it is hand made.  AND you can actually mail these postcards without an envelope as long as they stay under 1/4 inch thick.  There are quite a few postcard designs to get you rolling and to sweeten the deal, the  workshop is 20% off! I hope to see you in class!

Monday, December 17, 2018

       Well, the craft show went really well.  I can't believe it's taken me a month to get back here and tell you about it.  Saturday was pretty steady all day long.  Sunday had the after church crowd and was a bit slow after that.  I think next year we need to add 2 or 3 additional vendors.  We didn't use the bedroom we had planned to use, so we would have the room to add people.

        I didn't take photos (dopey me!) so I'll share with you an older one.  This pic is of a face that I made on a cloth covered button, then used to embellish a mini purse.

        This pic is the face of Master Ferryman.  He was designed to sit on a string mohair turtle and he would carry a fishing rod with a snail on it.  Together the piece was called, "The Hurrier I go the Behinder I get."  The turtle had a weird combination of colors: purple and yellow, pink and green for starters.  I didn't have any fabric that would go with it so I made my own using FME (Free Motion Embroidery).  I layered small scraps of fabrics and fibers on one piece of fabric and stitched over all of it in random patterns to lock everything down.  Then I cut the jacket pieces out of the new fabric.  He had hand sewn leather shoes, beadwork and lots of lace as well as facial hair.  A woman came to the show and only wanted my doll and not the turtle.  She paid me more that I've ever made on a doll.  So here is Master Ferryman.

   Lastly, I want to share Heliotrope.  There was an alphabet challenge with the on line doll club called, "Doll Street".  I was given the letter "H".  I created the letter by using the doll's arms and legs, and after dressing her in purple, called her "Heliotrope."  She sold almost immediately at my next show.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

3 Days

Hey it's only 3 days to the Craft Show at Skeelhaven.  All the goodies have arrived and boy oh boy are you going to love shopping! No pics- just encouraging you to attend.  We've got jewelry, oh have we got jewelry!  Buckeye jewelry, too. We've got home dec goodies and we've got mushrooms- you won't believe the mushrooms but you'll just have to have one!  Of course I'll have some dolls as well. And of course there is more!
I am working on displays today and having fun moving these delights into different locations, then rearranging to make it look better or basically to make me happy.  Anywhoo, I hope you will join us.  Sat. and Sun., noon to 6., 6881 Tussic Street Rd., Westerville, OH 43082.

Friday, October 19, 2018

There Be Gnomes at Skeelhaven!

       So I'm getting ready for the Craft Show at Skeelhaven and I'm currently making gnomes.  I still have some hand sewing and beards to apply then I'll have 9 of them.  If I should actually find the Mache cones I bought forever ago for a class that got canceled when I was recovering from Sepsis, then I'll make a bigger family, but just now, it's 9 gnomes.


        Years ago someone gave me a bunch of fabric and stuff.  I mean like 2 trash bags and 2 paper boxes full.  Some of it was country not my taste, which makes it perfect for craft show stuff because I can make things with fabrics I don't care for but that shoppers might love.  It wasn't ugly fabric, just not my taste.  Included in that hoard of goodies I found very thick wool felt and I wondered what the heck would I ever do with that.  Well some of the different colors went to some if the gnomes.  Also included was a bag full of partially done snowmen, everything was precut and ready to go.  Several of the snow men were already made, some had their legs pinned on but there were probably about 20.  She had done shows before and was moving so needed to downsize.  Yea for me!  I have several friends give me things.  A huge box of leather and several boxes of jewelry that was either damaged or only one earring, or grandmas stuff and no one wanted it.  A box of evening gowns was given to me with lots of bead work that I could use for embellishments (if I can convince myself to cut into it.)  And of course, I've been given loads of fabric.  I am blessed with generous friends and students.

       So, I need to get back to creating.  I can finish sewing the base of the gnomes while watching TV, then do the beards.  The beards send fur EVERYWHERE!  I'm wearing a navy shirt today and it was practically covered in white just from doing one beard.

       I haven't decided if next come the snowmen or bath bombs.  I'll have to think on that one!