Wednesday, November 7, 2018

3 Days

Hey it's only 3 days to the Craft Show at Skeelhaven.  All the goodies have arrived and boy oh boy are you going to love shopping! No pics- just encouraging you to attend.  We've got jewelry, oh have we got jewelry!  Buckeye jewelry, too. We've got home dec goodies and we've got mushrooms- you won't believe the mushrooms but you'll just have to have one!  Of course I'll have some dolls as well. And of course there is more!
I am working on displays today and having fun moving these delights into different locations, then rearranging to make it look better or basically to make me happy.  Anywhoo, I hope you will join us.  Sat. and Sun., noon to 6., 6881 Tussic Street Rd., Westerville, OH 43082.

Friday, October 19, 2018

There Be Gnomes at Skeelhaven!

       So I'm getting ready for the Craft Show at Skeelhaven and I'm currently making gnomes.  I still have some hand sewing and beards to apply then I'll have 9 of them.  If I should actually find the Mache cones I bought forever ago for a class that got canceled when I was recovering from Sepsis, then I'll make a bigger family, but just now, it's 9 gnomes.


        Years ago someone gave me a bunch of fabric and stuff.  I mean like 2 trash bags and 2 paper boxes full.  Some of it was country not my taste, which makes it perfect for craft show stuff because I can make things with fabrics I don't care for but that shoppers might love.  It wasn't ugly fabric, just not my taste.  Included in that hoard of goodies I found very thick wool felt and I wondered what the heck would I ever do with that.  Well some of the different colors went to some if the gnomes.  Also included was a bag full of partially done snowmen, everything was precut and ready to go.  Several of the snow men were already made, some had their legs pinned on but there were probably about 20.  She had done shows before and was moving so needed to downsize.  Yea for me!  I have several friends give me things.  A huge box of leather and several boxes of jewelry that was either damaged or only one earring, or grandmas stuff and no one wanted it.  A box of evening gowns was given to me with lots of bead work that I could use for embellishments (if I can convince myself to cut into it.)  And of course, I've been given loads of fabric.  I am blessed with generous friends and students.

       So, I need to get back to creating.  I can finish sewing the base of the gnomes while watching TV, then do the beards.  The beards send fur EVERYWHERE!  I'm wearing a navy shirt today and it was practically covered in white just from doing one beard.

       I haven't decided if next come the snowmen or bath bombs.  I'll have to think on that one!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Last Week

       I missed posting last week, sorry.  A week ago Wednesday I left for Chicago for the Windy City Doll Workshops, which just so happens to be 20 minutes from my sister Kathy in Romeoville, who I met for lunch on Sunday.  I went a day early and enjoyed the quiet, room service and someone else making my bed.  I hooked up with my new friend, highly talented Gayle Wray, one of the new teachers.  Returning teachers were both fabulous: Dawn Schiller and Inez Brash, who doesn't have a web site of her own.  There's only so many hours in a day, right?
       I took Inez's workshop to make the character Roxie from the movie Chicago, played by Renee Zellweger.  Well it was an intense class!  Quite often there was complete silence as we layered batting and created muscles, knees, butt cheeks and such.  Then we hand sewed these layers in place.  Eventually we started gluing but then the "skin" layer came and I chose to hand sew rather than mess up with glue.  That meant my doll never got a head, breasts, the wonderful mask face Inez had in our kit and so my doll is not worth photographing yet.  I won't be touching her until after the craft show in November as I need to focus all my time on getting the new studio presentable for the craft show and make more stuff.  My doll is however very neatly sewn!
       I made a calendar spelling out when I work on what for the next few weeks. Today was the first day and I blew it.  I went back to bed instead of changing sheets and doing laundry.  I was also going to work in the studio while waiting for laundry, but instead I created fliers for the craft show.  This afternoon I will help Craig get the stray items in the studio upstairs.  there's odd things still there like my desk chair, a work table and the cool containers I have for supplies like paint brushes and such.  Again, there's only so many hours in a day.  Sigh.

       For some reason I cannot control the font size in this blog.  There seems to always be a wild section that wants to do it's own thing.  I try resetting the font, but keep failing.  If anyone can help me out here I would LOVE to hear from you!

Monday, September 24, 2018

The Big Move

       So Saturday we did it.  The Big Move.  Family and friends showed up to move my studio from the walk out basement room to three rooms upstairs; living room and 2 bedrooms.  What a day!  Craig hitched a 4X6 foot trailer to the riding mower and they just kept bring more stuff.  And more stuff.  And more stuff.  

       These two pics show one very small room.  There is a larger bedroom full of plastic drawer sets piled 6 1/2 feet high except at the two windows.  Closets are packed in both rooms.  The living room is twice the size of the two bedrooms and will need 1 six foot table for sewing machines and 2 six foot tables for classes and my own work.  Things will fit a little better after I rearrange like boxes and totes with each other.  Still, there will be extra boxes on the floor.  This particular room above will have all my books (two 6-foot shelves full) into it so the shelves will be empty for the craft show in 7 weeks.  But now I have my supplies where I can get to them to begin getting ready for the show.  I have a handful of finished dolls that will just need pulled from totes, a double handful that just need embellished and lots of little odds and ends.  I won't be sure until I get through all the box labels since I didn't touch everything while packing.
       So am I diving in to "unpack?"  Heck no!  I leave for the Windy City Doll Conference in a day and a half.  I've got other things to do.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

My Life Is Flying!!!

        My life seems to be flying at me.  Saturday we move my basement studio to the first floor as I have trouble getting down the stairs and want to create and teach again.  BTW- anyone available who would like to pitch in we begin moving things around 10 am, doughnuts and pizza for payment.  Then I prepare for a doll conference and I leave Wednesday.  That will be great fun as I am a student not a teacher, however I will know where nothing is for packing as it will all be in boxes that I hopefully labeled well. Before leaving I need to gather goodies to make at least 1 auction basket, print a single page pattern for their welcome bags AND I want to put something in the bags that advertises me in a way that they will all want to buy my patterns and take my online classes. 

        THEN when I return home Monday October 1st I have to start working on my craft show that will be here Nov. 10 & 11.  I need to unpack the studio so I can find stuff I already have in stock to sell, find supplies to make new stuff, and all the fun stuff that goes with planning the event.  At least there is a month before that is due.  Then it will be Christmas in about 5 minutes and Parker will be entering high school in ten!  I'm exhausted already, but the conference will be great!  I have the hotel room to myself a couple nights so I can hand at the bar with the girls or veg in my room with cable TV.  No cooking no unpacking, no making my bed.  Ahhhhhhhhhh... I need this!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Tape Measures and Scissors

       Where did all this stuff in my studio come from?  Honestly, I'm thinking that it mates at night and leaves me with multiples of almost everything.  Lets not even think about the fabric.

       I once asked my husband, "Just how many tape measures do you need?"  His quick retort was "How many pairs of scissors do you need?"  Well of course I tried to justify it by saying, "I buy extras for students to use.  There was sort of a hrrump sound and then we began a new conversation.  Actually I really wanted to know how many he needed.  Since there was no specific answer I asked everyone, I mean EVERYONE to get him a tape measure for Christmas.  I guess he learned my questions about building things sometimes do have a purpose after he got more than a dozen tape measures for Christmas.

       As for the scissors, yes, I have many.  Many for fabric, many for tiny cuts of fabric, several for embroidery, several for paper including the ones that make the fancy little edges and I could go on.

      Then, this past year for Christmas he bought me a set of scissors.  There's like 5 or 6 of them - I'm not sure because I've never even opened the box.  I don't even know if they are for paper or work on fabric.  I'll break into them when I start teaching from my home studio again, hopefully in January.

       So, I am very excited to attend the Windy City Doll Workshops at the end of September.  I am actually taking a class with Inez Brash, who only lives 15 minutes away.  When we get together we tend to do lunch and no dollmaking, which is a shame because there's so much more in her head than I could ever learn and these days I'm sure I'd forget more than half of it.

       So, to make a long story short, (I know, too late!) I just looked at the class supply list.  Guess what?  What do you think she wants us to bring?  Not one, not two but THREE pairs of scissors.  And where are my scissors?  Packed up and somewhere between the 2 studios.
So, I just ordered a new set of scissors from Amazon.



Friday, August 24, 2018

Bit by Bit

       Mega thanks to my son Shawn!  As I pack the studio he carries stuff upstairs.  Of course currently it's all staged in the living room with an exercise bike in the middle of it but it's great seeing at least some of my stash upstairs in what will be the new studio.  I'd move a lot faster if I wasn't having trouble with migraines that wipe me out for the day!  No fun at all!

        Anywhoo, Shawn guesses this is about one tenth of my stash!  Currently there is more on the opposite wall, and the exercise bike.  I still have a lot to do.  Tomorrow while I'm at Doll Club I hope the guys can bring up the empty pattern cabinets.  Then I can fill them with fabric, emptying more totes and boxes to refill in the basement.  I'd like to start classes in October, so I need to get on the stick!  And I'm thinking about a craft show in November if I can find enough stuff to sell and include other vendors.  More on that later.