Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well it’s been nearly half a year since my last post, the dark side held me captive with health issues of one type or another most of it, but now I am looking towards Spring (I know it’s early but I am looking forward to the sun and my garden blooming). Till then I’ve been drinking oodles of tea.

Low and behold this morning I heard of a new to me brand of tea and they were doing a drawing for a free gift of tea. I was reading this lovely post on a blog called “Eat Drink and Be Aware” and learned about the Steven Smith Teas. Anyone who’s been to home has seen my collection of teas, and some teas I have on hand only because they are a certain friends favorite, but most teas I buy are for me. It helps to have a son who works at Starbucks who gets to taste new Tazo teas and a DIL that loves to go out and try new flavors of everything else to introduce me to as well. And yes, I do need a larger shelf!
Anyhoo, Eat Drink and Beware is offering that 1 lucky reader will win the “Steven Smith Teamaker No. 1626 Smith Variety Tea Pack,” which is 1 tea bag each of 12 different flavors so you’ll know what you love when you place an order. And by the way I think the thing that impressed me most is that Steven Smith was the founder of both Tazo and Stash teas, and several of each already occupies my shelf. Needless to say, this tea-totaler entered that drawing!!!