Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Workshop!

At last my Harvest Queen is complete. She's a 3-Dimensional mixed media canvas based textural collage and will be offered for the first time as an on line workshop at Joggles October 13th. Now I have to figure out how to mount her to a frame or shadow box because I can't wait to hang her in my kitchen! Well... as soon as those clouds across the moon dry completely anyway...

She looks extremely complicated but only because there is so much going on. Broken down into steps and done bit by bit, almost any skill level may complete this project. I offer a template for the face as well as a face lesson so don't let that frighten you off. And you can always change the color scheme... So many options... so many dreams... I hope you'll come and play with me at Joggles.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Harvest Queen in Progress

Lately I've been working on this canvas board collage creating the Harvest Queen for a new workshop to be on line this fall at Joggles.
The Queen is a handmade "paperdoll" placed over the textured and colored background with 3-D hair and embellishmnets added. She still has a long way to go. She'll be holding a golden challice trimmed in copper, still needs her "make-up" including eyelashes, lipstick and nail polish as well as majestic eye shadow, and a few mini swarovski crystals on her tattoo. I expect I'll add more bits and bobs to her hair as I go as well because she just keeps commanding me to give her more. Courteously, as she is a kindly Queen, but she is still royalty after all. Who am I to argue?

I also think the harvest moon need a touch more red/orange and maybe a cloud or two drifting by...