Saturday, March 7, 2015


  I  fell in love with a doll by Paula McGee I bought her doll, Pippa Grace Darlington. I never buy dolls but I just adored this one. Her face is my desktop photo still a month after she arrived.   Before buying it I tried one of Paula's patterns. The doll with the black hair below is Calliope and it was a nice pattern to do but didn't thrill me like Pippa. I even traced Paula's face pattern.
 Calliope has little pigtails coming off the top of her head - that's not a beehive hairdo!
    Isn't Pippa wonderful? I think the main difference of why I like Pippa better is the broader face. Funny - I dislike the blue and brown combination on everything else but love it on Pippa! Both are big dolls - about 30 inches in height.