Thursday, September 27, 2012

This is one end of the wall.  to the left is the mosaic and beyond that another long wall of faux stone, just like this.  We've gotten some plants back in the beds finally, and it should be gorgeous come springtime. One end of the garden has a blue hydrangea while the opposite end has a magenta rhododendrum.  So far there are four rose bushes, assorted irises and calla lilies as well as other old fashioned flowers like foxglove.  There is an area with prairie plants and a shade area with assorted coral bells, lilies of the valley and bleeding hearts.  There are several different peonies as well.   This entire bed is 35 feet long by 16 feet deep and this shot shows less than half.

The Wall Continues...

The center section of the garden wall I've been covering with faux stones is 7 1/2 feet long by 2 feet tall.  It's recessed 12 inches from the main wall, without the lower raised bed attached.  I want to place a small set of table and two chairs there, heavy ones that won't get caught in storms, and decided to make it a little more interesting than the faux stone so I am creating a free form mosaic. 

The randomly placed pieces are placed one at a time. I laid the circle out, also one piece at a time, on clear contact paper and pressed it into the mortar, then left it to dry before peeling the paper back off the next day.  This way I could create several circles in various sizes on rainy days and wait for the sun to attach them. 

I used flat back marbles, sea glass, glass discs, ceramic tile and some irridescent glass rectangles and hexagons.  Some of the circles have faces placed in the center that are created with polymer clay or UTEE - Ultra Thick Embossing Powder in press molds.  I can't wait to get the rest of the circles up and fill in the detailed background!  Hopefully there will be sun tomorrow and I can get back to creating.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Etsy Site is Opened

Today I finally finished loading pics and text to open my Etsy Site .  4 E-Patterns 3 dolls and 6 Marrottes for sale.  I'm looking forward to creating more E-Patterns form workshops I've taught in the past.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Busy bee here with another new pattern that was a workshop only previously. Destiny, a 17 inch elegant doll is distinguished in sexy stiletto heels that show off her shapely legs and insert into her stand or allow her to stand freely. She can be Gothic in black with a spider tattoo on one breast or by changing the color and clothing options a glorious bride or elegant debutant.
Techniques in this pattern include needle sculpting a cloth face and applying cloth over cloth to hide face seams, step-by-step face color details, detailed bead work to create an elegant collar and wrist bands including the peyote stitch, picot stitch and free form beading as well as painting a faux marble base. Learn secrets to making elegant hands with tips to stitch and turn perfect fingers as well as techniques to properly wire, stuff and shape hands in realistic poses. 

This pattern is available at Dollmakers Journey and Craftsy, will be on my brand new Etsy site in the next few days, and will also be on Doll Street and at Joggles.

Monday, September 10, 2012

So the saga of the garden continues.  The raised beds were rebuilt out of 4" thick cinder blocks. I slapped on concrete and treated it like clay to shape faux stones.  You can see those stages below, left to right in two rows. 
The first layer of concrete laid out the shape of the edges of the stones and built it up slightly.  The second layer gave depth and made some stones almost 3" thick in areas.  The different shades of grey simply show wet and dry stones.
Craig laid a beautiful herringbone path out of white bricks. it really added class and improved over my previous flagstone that was shifting.
He also laid stacking stones for the driveway edge.  We didn't realize what a hill we were on until we went from one stone to four, each four inches tall.
We sprayed concrete dye onto the stones but hated the colors. So unnatural.  So I sponge painted every stone so it would be different from those directly around it and look more like real stones. Up close some would really fool you!
We lost a bunch of plants in the transfers back and forth and the hot summer weather, and all the peonies are pruned to the ground so the flowers look like a brand new bed but come next spring this place will be GORGEOUS! Thanks to Craig, my husband, who can build anything!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm On A Roll!

I couldn't sleep again and was up at 4:30.  Is this what it's like to be manic?  Anywhoo, I pulled out another pattern that untill now has only been a live workshop.  The Dragonfly Rider.
The Dragonfly Rider checks on the forest every morning and carries messages back and forth in his satchel. The 9 inch rider wears leather boots and gloves and a silk tunic.  His face is sculpted in 100% cotton fabric, and his hair and rooted eyelashes are made of Tibetan Lamb.
The Dragonfly has elegant, translucent wings with an iridescent glow to them. His torso has a poseable armature that is wrapped in ribbon and can be covered or lightly embellished with bead work. 
Together this pair can be placed above a pedestal to appear flying or suspended from a ceiling for a more natural look.  Place them near your plants and they will both keep smiling forever!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I forgot to mention you can find Camille at Craftsy.  Soon the Etsy site will be up... I need a few more items....

Another new PDF Pattern!

     I couldn't sleep this morning so when I got out of bed before 5 am I decided to convert a pattern I used to teach only as a workshop into a PDF pattern so anyone can make this doll lovely doll.
     Camille is a cloth doll pattern to create a lovely flower faerie. Camille wears flower petals, soft leather beaded shoes and has wild faerie hair. Her wings unique construction allow every dollmaker to create a look of their own. Instructions include suggestions for alternate costuming as well as camellia petals. Detailed step by step instructions take the dollmaker through creating Camille and detailing her delicate face. Don’t you need a flower faerie in your home? I still have the original doll.
     One of the great techniques covered is how to create, shape and pose beautiful articulated cloth doll hands, including extended fingernails and bending the wrist for a natural look.

Camille's sandals are my own design created with leather and beadwork.