Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another New Workshop!

Fiber Face Collage has just officially been finished... just in time, too as the last lesson was posted on Joggles today! But the class will run again September 15th at Doll Street. Here are some finished photos of faces created for the class and put on fabric journal pages. Above are Cate and Jasmine, each created from photos.Rose and Celeste are above. Rose is created using all printed fabrics and Celeste actually wears fake eyelashes! Jane and Bonnabell are next. Jane is a flapper and Bonnabell is just a beautiful chick.
Viola shows techniqes for making wild faces with unusual skin tones, where Ako shows Geisha style makeup.
This last one was the original piece and not completed the same way. The fabric colors show through the face a little but I loved the pattern and include it in the class as well. There are 10 face patterns, as well as instructions on how to create a unique face from scratch or from an existing photo for your fiber arts. I had a blast creating this class! Join in on the fun at Doll Street. Look for Creative College.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Faerie Couture

I just finished samples for a new class! Faerie Couture will feature not one but TWO projects; the Faerie of Light and the Dark Faerie. From layered painting to create faux marble on a mannequin through layered and distressed costumes and wings these two pieces are a blast to create! Faerie Couture will premier at Joggles October 19th. Additional workshops at Joggles this session include Altered Fabric, September 22 and the new mixed media Lady Zen is scheduled for November 16th.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fiber Face Collage

I've been working on collage faces made of fabrics for an on line workshop I'm teaching called Fiber Face Collage and decided to include how to do a collage based on a photograph in the lessons. I created 2 from photographs. The first, which is above, I call Jasmine and she was a beautiful face I found on the internet and fell in love with. She'll get a curly fabric as hair later. Here's her original photo.
Next I used a photo of a friends beautiful daughter, Cate. I loved the pink and blue tones in the photo and hand dyed the skin tone fabrics with Dye-Na-Flow. Her hair is create with 8 different prints including calicos and batiks.
Here is Cate's original photo. Cate is currently on a trip to Atlanta so I can't wait to hear what she thinks about this piece using her as my inspiration. Her mom loved it!