Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It's Spring time in the garden at Skeelhaven and I thought I'd share a view of one of the beds full of tulips. 

These are double tulips and the blooms are comparable to peonies!

Meet Fetch

         Meet Fetch, my new studio assistant. At Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay I took a two day workshop with Dawn Schiller of Odd Fae and created this whimsical piece.
         Fetch is sculpted from polymer clay and has a cloth body and limbs. Hands and feet are also polymer.
           The sculpting tool in his hands is his way of helping in the studio - handing me tools.  I still need to add a button as a brooche on his shoulder and a little button on the side of his thigh but other than that he is complete.
          This little Ghostly Goth Girl was made in a class with Michelle Lynch.  Way out of my box, though she still turned out to have a pretty face, she has gears, a clock and a working compass to make her a little steampunk. The propeller on her head spins! She is sculpted in Apoxie Sculpt.
The whole event was loads of fun but the classes were superb!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Simple dolls

I created four new dolls to take to Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay as samples for my Bits and Bibs demo. I'll be creating blooms to embellish, etc. The doll above has a bicolored checille yarn for her hair and wears two matching folded roses from the same fabric as her blouse.

Doll two wears a wig made by my friend Jody Miller. She also wears two bicolored cabbage roses.

Doll three has a bloom made by running severeal circles of fabric through a flame to singe and curl or melt and them. he circles are stacked and a center is added.

Doll four wears crinkled silk and white ribbon "carnations."