Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Family Member

We welcome to Skeelhaven our newest FIC (Feathered Kid) Beaker, a grey and white cockatiel. Beaker came from the same bird rescue as Pellenore, who we selected in December) and they are actually just about the same age, which is 18 months. Their expected life span is 12 to 15 years and they share a cage as tiels are social creatures. They so far tolerate each other but have not bonded as best buds quite yet and are still trying to determine who is "Top Bird." It's taken a few days for each of them to begin singing again, and relaxing with each other, though Beaker is a sweetheart and loves to be pet when we are one on one. Pelly never liked fingers much so we hope he'll learn from Beaker. Right now he watches us pet Beaker with caution and seems to stand by to protect Beaker in case the dreaded finger inflicts the pain he imagines it will, but hopefully he'll catch on. Pelly hasn't wanted to snuggle with me since the arrival of his new "brother" but they will each sit on one of my shoulders, play pin ball with me or hang out in the studio together while I work. The cooler temperatures of late have been ideal for them to share a perch in the front window and watch the world together with a gentle breeze in their faces, as they are in the photo above. They also adore the screened in back porch. I think it will all work out wonderfully and am thrilled Pelly is no longer alone in his cage.