Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I think of my memory as a filling cabinet. Some drawers are pristine (not many!)and some drawers are poorly filed so finding things is a challenge, but at 2 in the morning I may sit up with an “ah ha!” and can finally let a question go. My filing drawer for remembering names seems to have developed a large hole in it and things just piddle back out of it. When I meet someone new I may forget their name in 10 seconds no matter how much they impress me. They say this is an old age thing but I don’t really qualify for that in years. I think my brain is full. This explains all the miss filings and why I can remember the stupid stuff like what I ordered at a restaurant while discussing a certain topic with my husband… although I may not perfectly recall the actual conversation. It drives him insane! And since that is my job in life, to drive him insane, I shall continue to do nothing about it. Here's an oldie but goodie in my doll collection: Angel Fish, the Mermaid Bride. She's a favorite workshop for me as well as clubs that invite me to teach. Angel fish collects riches from ship wrecks and has embellished her wedding gown with her treasures. Free form embellishing techniques on her wedding tail veil include silk ribbon embroidery, ribbon and fabric manipulation and incorporating beadwork as well as creating lace unique embellishments from lace. In this photo Angel admires her new Marcaset wedding band embedded with miniature swarvoski crystals on her elegant articulated hands. She's been sold for years and yet I remembered all that.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Post!

One is only 49 once and I say, just having passed that milestone it is time to move to Blogger and finally set up a blog all veiwers can access easily. So, here I are, if I had a hat it would be in my hand, but that would most certainly slow my typing, so it's just as well.

Oddly, I was only 29 a year ago, but decided to accept the white hairs, arthritis and failing memory issues and get serious about being a child for the rest of my life. I plan to play in the garden more, searching for faeries more often than weeds, to accept blooming weeds as wild flowers and to covince all guests that the fuzzies in the corners are not cobwebs but faerie nests and that they should get used to them because life is too short to hold a dust rag too often. I plan to play with art more, expanding my media range and care less about the mess than the mystery. And I plan to eat dessert when I want to, despite the shape of my hips or thighs.

That all being said, here is my newest creation, still a wee bit of work left to do. The Enchantress will be photographed and posted again as soon as her throne is embellished, when her AWOL crystal ball is mounted to the throne and when her newly arrived mini Tarot cards displayed. I hope you enjoy her!

The Enchantress is dressed in hand painted silk, wears a beaded pigskin leather corset, and dons 10 inch mohair locks. The tattoos on her face and breast are completed with 3 mm swarovski crystals. Her staff is draped with her favorite symbols of power: a crescent moon, a key and a celtic cross, and is topped with an azure swarovski crystal. The textured gilded throne displays an open crescent moon in the chairback and has a cushion for comfort during extensive readings. Some day I hope she tells me her name so we can be a little less formal. I mean, seriously, what does it take for that? I've already seen her without her underwear!