Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Post!

One is only 49 once and I say, just having passed that milestone it is time to move to Blogger and finally set up a blog all veiwers can access easily. So, here I are, if I had a hat it would be in my hand, but that would most certainly slow my typing, so it's just as well.

Oddly, I was only 29 a year ago, but decided to accept the white hairs, arthritis and failing memory issues and get serious about being a child for the rest of my life. I plan to play in the garden more, searching for faeries more often than weeds, to accept blooming weeds as wild flowers and to covince all guests that the fuzzies in the corners are not cobwebs but faerie nests and that they should get used to them because life is too short to hold a dust rag too often. I plan to play with art more, expanding my media range and care less about the mess than the mystery. And I plan to eat dessert when I want to, despite the shape of my hips or thighs.

That all being said, here is my newest creation, still a wee bit of work left to do. The Enchantress will be photographed and posted again as soon as her throne is embellished, when her AWOL crystal ball is mounted to the throne and when her newly arrived mini Tarot cards displayed. I hope you enjoy her!

The Enchantress is dressed in hand painted silk, wears a beaded pigskin leather corset, and dons 10 inch mohair locks. The tattoos on her face and breast are completed with 3 mm swarovski crystals. Her staff is draped with her favorite symbols of power: a crescent moon, a key and a celtic cross, and is topped with an azure swarovski crystal. The textured gilded throne displays an open crescent moon in the chairback and has a cushion for comfort during extensive readings. Some day I hope she tells me her name so we can be a little less formal. I mean, seriously, what does it take for that? I've already seen her without her underwear!


  1. Oh, the "Enchantress", she is so pretty, is she going to be a pattern? Sis

  2. Wow, she is pretty!! Welcome to the blog world. :)

  3. Always love your work and always look forward to seeing your new work!

  4. Judy, another winner of a doll. She is gorgeous. Where did you order those tiny tarot cards from. My oldest DD reads tarot and would love a doll with her own deck. Glad to see you here, so much easier.

  5. Woohoo!! Welcome to Blogland!! I just started one myself! I have two sites I can send to you if you wish to pretty up your blog. I will put your shiny new blog on my list.

    What about Zaphora for a name? Not sure where that came from, just popped in my head. :o)

  6. Great doll Judy!! She is just fabulous!!
    Where you write your post is another tag called layout. It has gadgets that you can add to the side of your blog. I use the links one and list my favorite blogs. I make them a hyper link and people click on them to go to that blog. There are other gadgets that can dress your blog up like slideshow and adding pictures. I just started clicking away to check out all the stuff you can do!
    hugs Karen

  7. Fantastic doll Judy! And I love your outlook on life's little changes!

  8. Nice beginning Judy. You can find all the things you need to gussy up your blog under settings and layout.. I can post to you privately to help you out.

  9. Good for you getting a blog going. Your Enchantress is a perfect doll to be in your first post, I love her beading and color scheme.
    Susan G

  10. Look at you! A new blog and already 9 comments! You've made a good start on your blog, and I love your new doll.

    Now you just need to sign into your dashboard and experiment with the Gadgets, which can be dragged into whatever position/order you want.

    I'm going now and add a link to your blog from mine.

    Keep up the good work,

    Deanna Hogan

  11. She's a beautiful doll. It's funny how the hardest part is the naming! I'd love to learn all about the blog stuff. I just made one and am clueless!

  12. What an incredible doll, Judy! Don't you just love Swarovski crystals? I'm still using my stash from my daughters' skating days.