Monday, September 10, 2012

So the saga of the garden continues.  The raised beds were rebuilt out of 4" thick cinder blocks. I slapped on concrete and treated it like clay to shape faux stones.  You can see those stages below, left to right in two rows. 
The first layer of concrete laid out the shape of the edges of the stones and built it up slightly.  The second layer gave depth and made some stones almost 3" thick in areas.  The different shades of grey simply show wet and dry stones.
Craig laid a beautiful herringbone path out of white bricks. it really added class and improved over my previous flagstone that was shifting.
He also laid stacking stones for the driveway edge.  We didn't realize what a hill we were on until we went from one stone to four, each four inches tall.
We sprayed concrete dye onto the stones but hated the colors. So unnatural.  So I sponge painted every stone so it would be different from those directly around it and look more like real stones. Up close some would really fool you!
We lost a bunch of plants in the transfers back and forth and the hot summer weather, and all the peonies are pruned to the ground so the flowers look like a brand new bed but come next spring this place will be GORGEOUS! Thanks to Craig, my husband, who can build anything!!!


  1. Wow - those really look gorgeous! You did a GREAT job! Now you can come here and help me :) (she wishes)

  2. Wonderful,Judy! Indeed it will make a lovely spot to sit with a friend and sip iced tea! A lot of work but what a great job you and Craig did! You will both really enjoy your special spot! Deb Wallace