Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm On A Roll!

I couldn't sleep again and was up at 4:30.  Is this what it's like to be manic?  Anywhoo, I pulled out another pattern that untill now has only been a live workshop.  The Dragonfly Rider.
The Dragonfly Rider checks on the forest every morning and carries messages back and forth in his satchel. The 9 inch rider wears leather boots and gloves and a silk tunic.  His face is sculpted in 100% cotton fabric, and his hair and rooted eyelashes are made of Tibetan Lamb.
The Dragonfly has elegant, translucent wings with an iridescent glow to them. His torso has a poseable armature that is wrapped in ribbon and can be covered or lightly embellished with bead work. 
Together this pair can be placed above a pedestal to appear flying or suspended from a ceiling for a more natural look.  Place them near your plants and they will both keep smiling forever!

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