Thursday, October 29, 2009

New classes

I have scheduled several On Line Classes to start over the next two weeks. Each class has loads of step by step photos and the details for each are listed at the links above each photo. If you have never taken an on line workshop before, it's easy! The lessons are posted weekly, and each site has a system to either email or post messages back and forth so you work at your own pace and on your own time schedule. There is no official class time, but every student can see the other students comments, questions and posted photos and benefit as if they are in a classroom together. This is especially great because students from all over the world can (and often do!) participate in the same class. It's okay to sign up a little late, too, so go for it!If you are interested in any of these workshops the links and a quick peek for each is here. Follow the links for detailed information on each workshop, including number of lessons, price and additional photos.

Yesterday I started the Artistic Bead Creating, at Joggles. Create an assortment of original beads to match all your projects.October 30th I begin the Queen of Hearts at Cloth Doll Connection. She was created with absolutely no sewing machine . October 30th I begin The Harpy at DollStreet. Learn to adapt the techniques to create a Harpy as you imagine her; a beautiful goddess, angelic or an evil temptress.November 11th I begin Altered Fabric at Joggles. Begin with plain fabric, add dyes and paints and end up with fantastic pieces of original cloth for your own projects.

I hope you will join me for loads of fun in one or more classes soon! Till then, Happy Creating!


  1. Hi Judy, can you email me when you are next teaching your wings class please? Thanks, Nancy

  2. will run the class after the holidays - I don't have dates for the next session schedule as yet, but it will be between January and March I believe. Thanks so much for asking!