Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More of My Garden

The above photo shows a cluster of plants in the shade. The large pink blooms are a geranium, while the pale smaller blooms are bleeding hearts. Above is a varigated hosta draping from a raised bed and the long leaves belong to a yellow bearded iris that was stunning, but needs relocated due to the lack of sun. Creeping sedum covers many areas of my garden and is the bright green low in the photo.

Behind the house we built a gorgeous area of various levels of raised beds. This triangle bed is the upper level and the grass path goes down hill two feet from this point. Can you see my fairy scampering to get out of the photo?
This is a rear view of the same triangle bed with an assortment of perrenials and a few annuals to fill in till things grow. The raised beds in the distance are vegetables, herbs and the boardwalk runs just behind the house from the drive to the studio doors.

This view shows the very back of the triangle bed and the lower level of the raised beds. White lights line the beds as well as the two arbor seats my wonderful husband constructed last summer. It's beutiful after dark as well.

Across the stone path from the triangle bed you can find my delpjiniums in blue, lavendar and white. I'm still looking for a pink one and a dark purple one to replace the plants I lost to deer years ago. With all the new housing devlopments near by the deer don't bother my garden as much, however they did find all the young fruit trees and we had to add fencing to keep the trees from being destroyed. The lattice work you see in the distance is the trellis side to one of the six foot long arbor seats. The seat is hidden by the bloomsThis view of the pond and beyond shows part of another arbor my husband and son built years ago, as well as the back path into the north garden I showed you yesterday. I just love the moss on the stones! Can you believe I transplanted it from the garden a few years ago as a 2 inch square on one stone?My little stone bunny sits beneath some roses across the path from the pond. Some of these roses also climb the arbor in the pond photo.

This last photo shows the end of the boardwalk. Three steps down are my studio doors which I love to prop open while I work. The birds are lovely to listen to. Now I have my own little bird Pellenore, a cockatiel. He visited the studio while I worked over the winter but I'll have to get him a harness or a second cage if he will vist while the doors are open. He loves talking to the birds through windows but even with clipped wings I'm afraid he'll want to go and party in the garden with the birds and fly away. We're thinking about adding a gazebo behind the raised beds and plan to screen it in to make him his own aviary. The porch swing in the gazebo will be so we can visit him. It's all about the bird, you know. LOL!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Joy of My Gardens!

I have been so blessed! My garden is overflowing with peonies, roses and other beauties. I'd like to share some photos I took today. My goldfish pond has a stone waterfall I built a few years ago and moss has graced the stones that get damp from the mist. I'm hoping the waterlily will finally bloom this summer.
This is the old driveway which shows a nice view of the north cottage garden and the edge of the boardwalk to the stairs and front door.
We built a garage on the opposite end of the house last year so have a concrete drive there and recently added a loop between them. Flowering trees and shrubs are along the side closest to the road. When they widened the road a few years ago they removed most of our shade trees and a beautiful blue spruce as well as a forsythia hedge, all of which helped to block road noise. Now we have a new hedge sprouting, alternating lilacs with the forsythias which was at my feet when I took this next photo. The house looks a lot smaller now that it is divided up like this. The dogeared fence hides the private hot tub garden.
I took several shots of the north garden which spans the width of our home while standing on one spot and then merged the photos for a quasi-panoramic view. Pathways wind through for access and raised beds next to the house create a nice shady place to sit most of the year. The landscape timber in front borders the driveway and actually follows a straight line, but if you stood across the drive where I stood this is how it would look as you visually scan the beds.
More photos tomorrow... I had camera and computer issues today and can't access them yet! Come and visit - you can see it all in person and sip some cinnamon iced tea!