Thursday, March 15, 2012

Phish Stix!

I haven't been advertising my workshops well lately. Shame on me. But I've been working so hard creating them and having a blast doing it that I forget about everything else!
Mosaic: Angel Phish Jewel
I've been working on my newest class called Phish Stix, a mixed media class where instead of doing boring samples on squares that you can't really do anything with, we create little phigures on sticks that can stand on the mantle, or you can remove the stick and make a mobile or...
Victorian: Lady Phlora Phish
Lesson one works with paper variations, lesson two covers assorted styles of collage, lesson three free motion embroidery including handwork, and lesson four adds heat techniques to the artistry we've mastered in prior lessons and mixes things up a bit for extra phun.
Cat Phish Charlie
Phis Stix is currently running at - pop on over and Go Phish!

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