Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

Between working in the garden and writing classes lately I've been pushing myself nonstop!  The garden is shaping up beautifully, but is not quite ready for a spring photo shoot.  Soon, I promise... it's such a lovely place to just be.  I like to take a cup of tea out there early in the morning and just sit under an arbor or in the gazebo to listen to the birds and just breathe.  Sigh...
I can tell you about workshops! A brand new workshop called Bits and Bobs begins April 26th.  It's how to make all those little embellishment Bits and Bobs that you want to use but really don't want to go and spend and arm and a leg for to buy a package of six when you'll only use one.  Paper, fabric, fiber, and mixed medium goodies.  We create faux metal, do ribbon work, play with beads and sparkles and a little bit of clay.  We'll even add a little heat to some of our goodies for distressed finishes.

Bits and Bobs can teach techniques that can be suitable for most any style, from country to Victorian, modern to Steampunk, or even Gothic.  Whatever the project there is always a way to create an embellishment to dress it up just a little bit more!  Check out the online workshop at Joggles.

April 6th I'm repeating Lady Zen at Doll Street.  She's a canvas based textural mixed media piece embellished with pressed flowers, and wears a headdress filled with stylized doodling that suddenly seems to be a popular style these days, though I've been doing it ever since I was a kid.  Her face technique is step by step, layered and a pattern can be printed to be used right on the canvas for those that don't want to draw.  My coloring technique is really much easier than you'd think!  Come and play and check it out!

April 20th, by request, I'll be repeating my Queen of Hearts workshop at Doll Street.  She's of course from Lewis Carroll's Wonderland and a now available as a mixed media sculpture workshop incorporating paper, wire, air dry clay and fabric and does not require a sewing machine!   Learn techniques to work with fabric using fusible products and only a small amount of hand sewing.   The Queen's face includes glass eyes, dimensional eyelids and lashes, and some basic needle sculpting with knit fabric.   Her Majesty's hands are covered in fabric without a single stitch sewn!   No finger turning at all!  This workshop is great for those that would like to make a doll but don't want to use a sewing machine.

So check out my online workshops if you will, and hopefully I'll see you in a class or two.  Meanwhile, I'm back to bouncing between the garden and writing more new classes.  If you happen to be passing nearby, let me know.  I'd love to have you visit and share a glass of tea in the garden together.

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  1. I would say you are keeping yourself busy. I know I am but most of it's doing other things instead of creating. Although I did create a new little doll and have lots more bodies to finish.
    Luv & Hugs