Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring in My Garden

Spring always excites me when things pop out of the ground or as on the clematis vine above sprout from what looks like totally dead twigs.  The arbor has a six foot bench and another clematis at the other end.

We totally dug up and replanted my side yard bed which means all bulb type plants think it is their first year and probably won't bloom, save this one lily of the valley.

In the largest bed I have this trellis with what I call my star gazer clematis because it reminds me of a Star Gazer lily. Don't you just love my little elf boy statue?

White bleeding hearts are nestled into a corner by an arbor over the brick path in the side garden.

For the first time this white clematis is blooming behind our big pond. I startled some ducks taking this picture. Last year ducks laid eggs in our garden so maybe it's the same ducks and we'll see ducklings this time. I should have taken the ducks pics.  If I'm lucky they'll be back to the pond soon.

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