Thursday, February 5, 2015

Beaded Neckware

   I've started beading a neck piece to go with a pair of earrings I got at an art show. I'm not an experienced beader but I made it up as I went along. Loads of fun, quite a bit of time. The center of the medallion I found at the same show a year later and I had to have it.
   Next I added medallions to string and create a lovely neck piece. Now I have to figure out how to connect things and make a cord to hang them.

   Sadly, I've been viewing beaded neck wear on Pintrest. OMG! Such fabulous stuff but the sad part is how addicting Pintrest is. I'd heard of it being addicting but never realized the photos can go on forever. I just sit mesmerized and scroll and pin and drool.  
   Meanwhile, when I'm away from the computer I can work on the beaded cord. It's a peyote tube, which means each bead is sewn one by one in a spiral. I couldn't get it to work right so started beading around a piece of IV tubing from the hospital. It works great! I could probably pull the tube out now that it's a couple inches long but we'll see. I hope it works out because I'm flying by the seat of my pants being inexperienced and all.


  1. Judy..I LOVE your necklace! YES my friend pinterest is addicting! I sent on the couch with my lap top while Gene my hubby is watching TV and Oh Whoa!!! pinterest!! I tried my hardest to just have a couple fav boards....That is impossible, I go delete and before I turn off the lap top I think I added more boards again! I have been reading the digest of The Doll Street Journal , when I am not working, What fun reading today about how we get our Inspiration! Take Care Judy
    (Hugs) Sherrie

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