Thursday, January 31, 2019


   Down with the flu- the best thing to do is watch art videos on You Tube.  Currently I have watched hours and hours of Maremi Small Art.  She does a lot of mixed media journal pages.  She has an Etsy site, an Instagram account and 2 Facebook accounts, the second called Maremi's Creative Café where viewers like me can post finished works as well as works in progress.  Then she turned me on to Lindsay who has The Frugal Crafter Blog.  I just watched a long video where Lindsay did a beautiful water color gal and complemented her work with colored pencils.  If you don't want to watch a long video she taught me about the small gear icon below the video.  It will speed up the show but I hung out for the whole thing as I've never been keen with a brush.  I guess I need to try again.  She also turned me on to "pencil extenders."  It's a little tube you slide your short pencil into that locks the pencil in place and you can use it until it is a tiny stub.  I found them at Dick Blick for close to $5.  I have a few colors I depend on and get tired of buying new ones.  I think I need a couple of these!

       Anywhoo, if you are down with the flu OR stuck in the house due to below zero temperatures check out these sites.  I think you'll have a good time and probably try out some new techniques!

       My thinking cap just turned on as no caffeine yet, but I think I actually own a pencil extender.  I wondered what the heck it was and hope I didn't pitch it!

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