Friday, July 10, 2020


       A while back Doll Street had a swap of filling a gallon zip bag with sewing / doll making supplies. Five of us participated, so we each made five bags, getting five in return.  I never got around to sorting the supplies so I could put them away properly. So now is as good a time as any.  This is what my table looks like right now.
      There was some mix up when switching bags around and I only got bags from three people, two of which included two bags from the same participant so I didn't get as much variety but I got more of the same fabric and trim which could prove helpful on a larger doll.   The fabrics vary from earthy batiks to delightful designs that include metallic gold.  I love fabrics with gold so hope I find a project for them soon.  Fabrics with metallic designs seem to have more class than plain fabrics, at least to me.  
       Also on the table are two thick fabric based feathers with embossed leaf details and with color splashes and glitter all in blues and purples.  I have no idea what I will use them for since they are about seven inches long, but I'll know when the right project comes along.  There is a lot of flat lace, mostly about one and a half to two inches wide and I can see those getting used in the fabric book I started a while back.  I put all the existing pages and supplies in a canvas bag and it's around here somewhere, probably on the wall of UFO's.  Fortunately it's not a big wall.  

       There was a two inch tomato pincushion, and I believe that you can't have too many of them.  Pin cushions can be at the work table to insert into a doll pattern, beside the iron to remove the pins with plastic heads so they don't melt while pressing a hot iron over them, beside the sewing machine so I can remove pins one by one as I sew so that I don't break a needle, and with projects that get carried to the family room so I can work on projects and watch Netflix with the family. There's also a need for a pin cushion that may travel to a friends house or a meeting where I can sit and create and still be involved in whatever conversation may be going on. 

Patti Culea's Fabric Book

       I found little bits and bobs like beads, sequins and tiny plastic stars that can be glued on a project which would also be good for my fabric book.  The book started out as Patti Culea's fabric book design and I completed several of her page designs from her patterns while sitting with my friend Jody Miller, who was working on the same pages with me.  As is Jody's style, she worked on more pages at home and completed her Culea Fabric book in no time flat with her personal taste in fabrics and faces and finished her a book that totally reflected her style.  As is my style, I dove right in and accidently did a page upside down.  I worked so hard on beading it that I've decided to include it anyway and to start reshaping more pages so I can have an assortment of shaped pages throughout the book.  I may even design a new cover that would be a little bit larger to cover the assorted shapes.
       So, with all these wonderful goodies I have several projects in mind and would love to dive into them immediately BUT I have a project that I promised months ago that comes first.  As soon as I can clear off my work table I can get back to it.  

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  1. Goodies are always fun to get. You maybe can incorporate those leaves into your fabric book. I have her how to book too and was considering making one of her books myself as I'm sorta looking for something to do.