Wednesday, February 13, 2013


   I was born under the sign of Aquarius which I am SURE is why I retain water so well. But it also helps me to appreciate mermaids, and I designed one years ago and taught it live many times. Now I'm remaking the mermaid, Angel Fish the Mermaid Bride, and planning to make her into an on line workshop.
   Angel fish collects riches from ship wrecks and has embellished her wedding gown with her treasures. This two or three day work shop features Judy’s detailed step-by-step methods to needle sculpt and add dimension to a cloth face with color. Create this elegant mermaid doll to learn free form embellishing techniques including silk ribbon embroidery stitches, ribbon and fabric manipulation and incorporating beadwork as well as creating lace unique embellishments from lace to create this beautiful doll. Additional techniques taught in this workshop include how to naturally pose feminine articulated hands gracefully with the option for individual fingers or mitten hands including fingernails and easy but elegant dolly rings and jewelry.
   I made another version of Angel Fish several times and  embellished her tail even more. Quite a bit of beadwork and silk ribbon embroidery.
   A close up of the tail shows some of the embellishment details.


  1. Glad to see you're back in the creative saddle again. She is really pretty.

  2. She's lovely:) I'll be watching out for this workshop....on Dollstreet perhaps?

  3. Gorgeous mermaid!! I love, love the beadwork and all the embellishments!
    hugs Karen

  4. I love the details on her tail. It looks like she is dripping with seaweed!