Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beetle Babe

I'm releasing a new online pattern Beetle Babe. Briwyn is a garden faerie and stands on her beetle buddy Brody’s back holding securely to vine woven reigns as she patrols under the hosta leaves and in between the bluebells and the columbine to make sure things are in order. Her costume is hand dyed and singed silk, draped in fibers and beads and toped with a Free Motion Embroidery (FME) corset but could easily be completed in pre-dyed fabrics and   without the FME for a less challenging project. Brody has a shell also made with FME using different types of fibers. This pattern is full of techniques and options including: a flat face and a needle sculpted head as well as a choice between individually wired articulated fingers and mitten hands. With the added options this pattern will be fun for doll makers of all skill levels. Make this doll with as many or as few techniques as you choose!
You can find her at Craftsy or my Etsy Shop.


  1. She could be a self portrait! Have you ever noticed that dolls so often look like their creators? and she is beautiful too.