Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I've been trying to decide what my next pattern might be and came across some old projects. Above is the Enchantress, who sat on a throne and read Tarrot cards. I love the tattoos on her face and breast.  She had a great deal of beadwork on her pigskin corsette and hand dyed silk.
 Carlotta has a beautiful headdress created from hand dyed lace.  She was a Cirque du Soliel type deal dangling from a silk sheet.  She was loads of fun to make but probably to challenging to get across asa pattern with her pose.
 My cloth Marrottes all had large noses and my typical eccentric and eclectic headdress designs. I initially wanted to go medieval in design but got creative so call the costuming ecclectic.  No one can say I have the style wrong that way!
The Ribbon Master took third place in the Hoffman challenge a few years back.  He's got a wimple and layered ribbon headdress but what you can't see here is his fabulous coat and embroidered silk Shirt.  The Master is a variation of my Wee Whimsies.
 Master Ferryman was inspired while watching "Shakespear in Love."  His costuming is ecclectic Elizabethan made of a free motion embroidery jacket, velvet hat and leather shoes. He would be a fun pattern but I'd have to remake him as the original sold about 10 years ago.
Penelope Ponders the Preposterous Proposal of the Pompous Prince Phillip was an early doll that I always adored and still own.  I'd remake her - since I've improved my skills in the last 15 years since I first made her. Her headdress is created out of several  doilies and lace scraps. She actually was a pattern that didn't do too well when I first started designing, so maybe a revision will do better.
Riding the Dodo was always one of my favorite pieces. I'd like to remake this sometime and improve the bird.  The gentleman rider was a very early Wee Whimsie and inspired by James Christenson's art.  He wears a wimple, ribbon headwrap and a cap on top.  The little bitty bird on his hat is actually the rider, because if you dressed like this I'd call you a dodo too.

Who knows which I will choose as my next pattern... we'll just have to wait and see.


  1. Hey, Natalie here. How about the Three (er, four, really) Musketeers? They're all lovely, but that ferryman is adorable.

  2. Good idea! Love the four musketeers---also love the Enchantress and Carlotta! That's three new patterns right there!