Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bits and Bobs

Do you ever wish you had just the right embellishment on hand in just the right color and size?  Do you ever wish you could get just one or two of some little do-dad instead of buying a pack of eight in the stores?  Join instructor Judy Skeel and learn to make an assortment of paper, fiber, ribbon and mixed media embellishments at home from your basic stash of supplies to compliment your art projects and save you some pennies in the process.
Any style can be incorporated, from country to Victorian, modern to Steampunk, or even Gothic.  Whatever the project there is always a way to create an embellishment to dress it up just a little bit more!

We’ll toss in some beads and sparkles, and a little clay, but most of all ingenuity. Student’s brains will be buzzing to come up with even more spectacular creations of their own in this workshop!  The projects taught in this workshop could all easily be used in a broad variety of art ventures such as paper and fabric journals, creative quilting, needlework, mixed media pieces and dollmaking, just to name a few.
Bits and Bobs begins March 14th at Doll Street.

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