Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Join me for another canvas based 3-Dimension Mixed Media Art Creation! Begin by creating a beautiful night sky including stars that actually twinkle and then build your own crescent moon, complete with texture and craters.  Using paper clay students will learn to sculpt a whimsical moon face, and finish the moon with color and glow.  There has to be Moon Glow!

The sweet little 7 inch faerie seated on the moon begins with a poseable wire armature, is constructed of paper clay with minimal details, and sculpted facial details are optional, though basic sculpting will be taught. After painting our Sweet Fae, we’ll dress her in silk we have hand dye in class. Finally we create her organza and wire wings just before seating her with her best friend and a book to read to him. The class is running on Doll Street.

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