Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Dream Come True!

       My baby boy, Shawn Thomas Skeel, will be moving home after 5 years.  He went to Chicago to follow a girl with no money and no plan one Thanksgiving Day weekend.  He worked several jobs in retail and there was always a problem, such as being full time for Radio Shack as they slowly went out of business.  Now he wants to come home and go back to school.  A dream come true for this Mama!  He encourages my art, he lets me know what's missing when a doll needs just that little something, and his own love is working in leather, making corsets and such.  Needless to say I'm thrilled out of my tiny little mind.
       This photo was taken and edited by my lovely Daughter In Law (Wife of #1 son, Brian).  You don't see much of Shaw's face but it captures the essence of who he was at the time: a Ren Faire junkie.  He made the leather belt and you can see the artwork on the back.  He has several swords and daggers and even a whip, which he used to stand in the back yard and crack for what seemed like hours.  I can't wait until August 4th when we collect Shawn and his belongings and after two nights at my sister Kathy's just south of Chicago we will bring him home.  Sigh.  I love you Shawn!