Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bead Crazy

Well here is another fine mess of beads!
These were sooooo simple to make I feel guilty putting them in an on line class so I'll tell you what I did here to releve the guilt. Hmmm.... I wonder if chocolate guilt can go away that easily...

First I started with wood beads that had a 1/4" diameter hole. A big hole is essential for this! Then I painted the beads gold. Then I used a flat yarn and wrapped the beads keeping the yarn from twisting. This yarn has gaps, which is way cool at letting the gold wood bead show through but I did another bead using krinkled eyelash yarn and got a totally different bead look.

The bead above is the same concept, same wooden bead with a large hole. It had a walnut stain and I didn't even paint it! The hole is much tighter now, obviously from the bulky fibers but can still be strung and hung!

I'm headed back to the studio to play with more beads and maybe create some new jewelry!

1 comment:

  1. Your beads are fantastic. I am intrigued by them and love the incorporation of the yarn and fiber.