Thursday, April 9, 2009

String 'Em Up!

I strung some of the beads I've been working on. This batch of greens are complimented by some gold toned beads from my stash. Flat spacer beads cover the large holes in the round beads and an occasional green glass bead adds a little sparkle. This is a lightweight necklace and comfortable to wear! The red set includes a bracelet for a nice matched set. Very classy looking and I have just the outfit to wear with it!
These pressed polymer beads were fun to make and just popped out of my oven. I'm waiting for them to cool to add accent colors, but I think they are pretty cool already!
Okay, my favorites of the day: Marbled leaves. I began with polymer clay and have a little more to do to these puppies to finish them with pizzazz before stringing them, but I love the curl to the leaves. The curl held beautifully while baking too! They will look awesome on a finished piece. Who knew writing this on line class would be this much fun?


  1. Oooh, those maple leaves look fantastic! Did you turn them into beads as well?

    BTW, I finally ordered some Airtex stuffing. I didn't get a chance to try it out at Doll U but I needed to find something that was easier to stuff. My hands take a beating every time I've stuffed with that other stuff that you can get at the craft store. Wow! It works sooooo well. Plus I took everyone's advice and only opened a small 4" square "window" from the box. That way it didn't explode into a stuffing mushroom. :-)

  2. Hey Tami - Thanks! I'll post an updated pic later. Yes, the leaves are beads too. Glad you like them! I've been too busy creating to blog! LOL!