Thursday, April 2, 2009


This week I'm working on making bead samples for an on line class where I will be teaching how to make an assortment of beads for various projects. Here's an "in progress" bead. It's a little bit of tweaked and fried Tyvek and still needs "embellished" but it's looking good so far. I love the textures!

Here's a gaggle of embellished felted beads. My next step with these puppies is to create a project using them. I'm seaching for just the "right thing" to compliment them.

I've got too many fun ideas swarming in my head again so I plan to spend the afternoon in the studio with the French doors open to warm weather, daffodils and singing birds. That should make everything work perfectly! Don't you just love Spring?!


  1. and I got to see um up close and personal like. ;) <3 these

  2. Your Tyvek and felt beads look very promising. At a handicraft exhibition I bought some little grey and beige felt squares recently, totally uninteresting the way they are now, but a treasure if you care to visualize their beady possibilities. Many times the fun lies in making something from next to nothing, don't you agree?


  3. Thanks Sabine! I have several more in progress and am finding this quite addicting!