Friday, June 18, 2010

Fiber Face Collage

My newest endeavor has been to work on flat collage faces made of fabrics and fibers for fabric journals. I'll be teaching this on Joggles late in July. So last night, working on a beginer level piece I struggles like the Dickens. I kept losing pieces. Things like eye brows would just vanish from my workspace. Then I learned why.
It seems that my lovely little cockatiel, Pellenore was helping himself to bits as I laid them in place and went to focus the camera. Caught in the act, my little man was sent back to his perch six times! He wasn't happy with scraps I gave him, he much preferred his life of crime. So I laid a piece I didn't want where he had been stealing my needed bits and he absconded with a scrap thinking he'd won. Pelly is in his terrible two's, we have decided, but I do like having him in the studio with me. We just need to work on the rules and obedience stuff I guess.

Anywho, here is the finished face, after I remade one eye lid that I never did find. The lashes were trimmed after this photo, and are loose fibers. The workshop will teach the faces which can be later attached to clothing, bags and other spectacular places, as well as the fabric journal I am making. Just wait till I show you the highly detailed faces! You'll love them!


  1. Hi Judy...just hopped over from CDA blog hop.... I haven't been doing any hopping during the past few months...cuz our summer's are too short... must play outside!

    This must be fun having a little buddy like this to hang out with you in your crafting space....

    Still haven't finished my Harpy...but, still have her head...and think I may make her into a warrior woman of some sort.... with her blue hair I tried on for a laugh...I kinda like it ...and think it will work with leathers and a weapon of some sort....

  2. Yes I love my little birdie. He's so tweet. LOL. I always liked that blue hair. DS #2 is doing a lot of leather costuming these days and I am sure your warrior harpy could have a fatastic leather costume too! Someday I hope to see that!