Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Garden

 So, here is the north garden, and the back hoe named Edward, blocking the pond area view.  The front row of blocks will be complete, it was left open to get in equipment such as the tiller, but you can see the shape of the walk better from this view. There is about 7 1/2 feet of garden on the outside edge of each walk, and on the east end it goes into the flagstone patio around the goldfish pond.

In the back, beyond the 17 foot red brick fire ring is the main east garden.  A lot of plants are in pots here waiting to be watered as the sprinkler doesn't reach them on their six foot spiral stands.  The gazebo in the back was designed by Craig and of course, he built it, too.  There is an arched foot bridge that crosses a mini creek connecting a series of waterfalls to a 5 by 12-ish pond, with more fish right up against the gazebo. There are a couple benches around the pond shaded by the large maple.

I love little details in my garden! I have a fairy door and mini trees and shrubs as well as plants that don't grown above an inch tall.  Here you can see a fae dancing in one of those areas.  She is about six inches tall.

Elf boy is a larger statue, about 15 inches tall and sits near the stairs to the rear entrance to the large bed shown above.  He faces the gazebo and the morning sun. 

This view is the side of the same bed looking south.  The hydrangea blocks the view of the waterfalls  from here.  You may have noticed the yard slopes down, and so the rear of the garden appears raised.  See my little bunny friend?  I do get live bunnies in the yard but try to prevent them from getting into the garden and eating my goodies.  The deer like to come in too.  They ate all my tulip heads and or bulbs this year and a year ago all my rose blooms.  This year they have eaten all the leaves off my hostas.  Bambi may be beautiful and hoof prints in the garden may be fun to find but not when they have dug up all my new spring bulbs or irises.  Grrrrrrrrrrrr...  Still, I think the garden came out okay this year.  I just need to get that north garden planted again and finish the walls. 

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