Monday, August 27, 2012

      After a few years away from designing I am proud to present a brand new pattern
With Love From Skeelhaven!

      Paisley Praise is named for one of the 8 fabrics used to create her gorgeous Renaissance style dress with bell sleeves.  Her wings are made of tattered cotton “feathers” on poseable wire. Paisley is kneeling with her arms out stretched and eyes closed giving thanks for all her blessings.  A variation, Lady Paisley, can be made with no wings, posed seated with her hands in her lap. Step by step instructions are included for needlesculpting and face painting techniques, in addition to creating this lovely doll body and costume. While kneeling, Paisley measures approximately 12” in tall.
     Paisley Praise will become available in September at Cloth Doll Patterns , Dollmakers Journey and Joggles .   This will also be my first PDF pattern, and will be for sale at Doll Street and Craftsy, so we’ll see how sales go there and if that does well I may update and convert more patterns for PDF versions!
      I made a variation of the pattern without wings and called her "Lady Paisley." Her photo is below. 


  1. Gorgeous doll. I love her costuming.

  2. she is beautiful. I think I remember when you were working on this.

  3. Holyt cow, she is beautiful! I love how expressive she is!

  4. At long last! LOL! She is wonderful and many I for one will want the pattern.