Thursday, August 30, 2018

Tape Measures and Scissors

       Where did all this stuff in my studio come from?  Honestly, I'm thinking that it mates at night and leaves me with multiples of almost everything.  Lets not even think about the fabric.

       I once asked my husband, "Just how many tape measures do you need?"  His quick retort was "How many pairs of scissors do you need?"  Well of course I tried to justify it by saying, "I buy extras for students to use.  There was sort of a hrrump sound and then we began a new conversation.  Actually I really wanted to know how many he needed.  Since there was no specific answer I asked everyone, I mean EVERYONE to get him a tape measure for Christmas.  I guess he learned my questions about building things sometimes do have a purpose after he got more than a dozen tape measures for Christmas.

       As for the scissors, yes, I have many.  Many for fabric, many for tiny cuts of fabric, several for embroidery, several for paper including the ones that make the fancy little edges and I could go on.

      Then, this past year for Christmas he bought me a set of scissors.  There's like 5 or 6 of them - I'm not sure because I've never even opened the box.  I don't even know if they are for paper or work on fabric.  I'll break into them when I start teaching from my home studio again, hopefully in January.

       So, I am very excited to attend the Windy City Doll Workshops at the end of September.  I am actually taking a class with Inez Brash, who only lives 15 minutes away.  When we get together we tend to do lunch and no dollmaking, which is a shame because there's so much more in her head than I could ever learn and these days I'm sure I'd forget more than half of it.

       So, to make a long story short, (I know, too late!) I just looked at the class supply list.  Guess what?  What do you think she wants us to bring?  Not one, not two but THREE pairs of scissors.  And where are my scissors?  Packed up and somewhere between the 2 studios.
So, I just ordered a new set of scissors from Amazon.



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  1. Judy, for this class you really do need embroidery scissors with very sharp tiny blades for trimming mohair and teeny, tiny fingers. In lieu of thoseI like the Fiskars that have a micro tip. I have 5 pair of those, doesn't everyone? Inez